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Old News Dept: A Two Newspaper Town

The Seattle Times has launched a controversial independent expenditure campaign promoting political causes drawing criticism from journalists and political scientists because it damages the credibility of the newspaper’s reporting and objectivity. Vivitiv saw this issue coming as far back as 2003 in our work with the Committee for a Two Newspaper Town, which at the time was working to keep The Seattle Post-Intelligencer alive. It worked for a while until the P-I ceased print publication and went to an all digital format in 2009. Here are a few of the ads we wrote and designed for the committee which spoke to the need for at least two newspapers in a community to keep each other honest and uphold their sacred trust to inform the public in an objective manner. Opinion and advocacy is fine…on the editorial page where it belongs.

New Book Cover Design: Century 21 City

We are delighted to announce a new book cover design for Fairweather Publishing. Century 21 City, by ├é┬áMichael Luis is a unique take on the fifty year journey of Seattle from rain-soaked backwater to economic, technological and cultural powerhouse. We have been fortunate enough to collaborate with Mr. Luis on a variety of projects that span a small part of Puget Sound history, including his work with the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce, The Housing Partnership, The Economic Development Council and a history of Hunt’s Point, WA, so a hearty congratulations to him on the new book. Oh, is the book available on Amazon (just one of the economic game-changers outlined in the book) and Barnes & Noble you ask? Hell yes.