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Design Junket: A Designer’s Travelogue

Designer Travel, Architecture Travel, Design and Travel
Designer Travel, Architecture Travel, Design and Travel

Follow the exploits of Vivitiv partner Jacqueline McCarthy as she travels the world in pursuit of great design and architecture on the new Design Junket blog.

There are so many interesting places in this world, it’s hard to narrow down where to go when you’re not a trust-fund baby. The “designjunket” system was developed to determine travel plans. Each junket starts out with at least one specific design-related element to investigate. It could be a painting, a building, an invention or inventor. You know, because “design is everywhere.” After I see what I sought, I check out the rest of the area. Any available pricing will be listed (current at the date of the post) and any money-saving insights will be shared because I’m a skinflint but can’t do hostels.

Come along for the ride, I hope it inspires you to embark on your own design junket and let me know your thoughts. Happy junketing!

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Charting Medicare Incentives and Penalties

©Vivitiv_ECG_MU Graphics_540px

Working with our client ECG Management Consultants, Vivitiv has devised several information graphics charting the complicated world of Medicare Penalty and Incentive Rules. Here are a couple of these graphics created to assist Medicare providers in understanding a complex trove of data points which could impact their decision making in years to come.

Changing Tack Report from SustainAbility and GlobeScan

Vivitiv_SustainAbility_GlobeScan_Changing Tack Report Cover

Vivitiv just completed work on Changing Tack, Extending Corporate Leadership on Sustainable Development. This is the final report from The Regeneration Roadmap project, a global collaborative and multi-faceted initiative by GlobeScan and SustainAbility, which aims to provide a roadmap for achieving sustainable development within the next generation, focusing in particular on ways the private sector can improve sustainability strategy, increase credibility and deliver results at greater speed and scale.

A live webcast of the results of 18 months of research, interviews and a series of global salons was held this morning, and further information on the ongoing project, and the downloadable final report can be found at the The Regeneration Roadmap web site.

Vivitiv Recycling Program

Vivitiv Recycle Graphic Design

We do a lot of work on the environmental front, recycling, water quality, storm water mitigation, reducing your carbon footprint…this week we are putting some of that into practice. We’ve been going through our sample closet and have been paring down our vast collection of printed samples, sketches, presentation boards, tear sheets and project files of all sorts, and we have filled up an entire recycling bin. We’re not even halfway finished with our sample purge. We have been lugging around work from the past 30 years, work for all sorts of clients and industries, from financial services firms to entertainment companies to public policy organizations. Some of our samples have outlived the enterprises themselves, if you wanted a brochure from E.F. Hutton, a film festival program or thumbnails of a World Trade Center poster you’re out of luck. We hope that all of this design work will recycled into something useful and informative. And we’ll keep on creating work both online and off, with an eye to sustainability and a little less hoarding.

Carbon Yeti Education Outreach Award from the EPA

We were reminded yesterday that our work with the City of Bellevue Utility Department on their campaign to reduce carbon emissions won an Education and Outreach award from the Environmental Protection Agency. We forgot to post about this a while back, but better late than never we always say.

From Here to There. Innovation Showcase Logo

As in all identity projects we do hundreds if not thousands of sketches, make an equal amount of notes, discuss, refine and do it again. Here is an example of a new logo for the Innovation Showcase and one of those pages of loose sketch scribbles which gets you from a small germ of an idea down the path to something tangible, something bigger, something real. Just like what the Innovation showcase does, which is to nurture promising discoveries from startup phase to innovations that shape our world.

Update 10/26/2012

Just got this mention in an email blast from the Technology Alliance.

Innovation Showcase: new look, same great program

Over the summer we worked with our friends at Vivitiv to create a logo for our Innovation Showcase program. It has been a while since we considered it a pilot and thought the Showcase deserved its own brand – just in time for the new season!

Our next Showcase is Tuesday, October 30th, featuring Corengi, developer of a matching engine for patients and clinical trials; Precision Image Analysis, which assists physicians in interpreting diagnostic images; Relaborate, a new content creation platform for marketing; and SuperCritical Technologies, designer of compact, modular power plants (check out this recent GeekWire post). We will also get an update from past presenter Seattle Sensor Systems and enjoy a brief presentation from Patrick Shelby of UW C4C.”

New Book Cover Design: Century 21 City

We are delighted to announce a new book cover design for Fairweather Publishing. Century 21 City, by  Michael Luis is a unique take on the fifty year journey of Seattle from rain-soaked backwater to economic, technological and cultural powerhouse. We have been fortunate enough to collaborate with Mr. Luis on a variety of projects that span a small part of Puget Sound history, including his work with the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce, The Housing Partnership, The Economic Development Council and a history of Hunt’s Point, WA, so a hearty congratulations to him on the new book. Oh, is the book available on Amazon (just one of the economic game-changers outlined in the book) and Barnes & Noble you ask? Hell yes.