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Design Junket: A Designer’s Travelogue

Designer Travel, Architecture Travel, Design and Travel
Designer Travel, Architecture Travel, Design and Travel

Follow the exploits of Vivitiv partner Jacqueline McCarthy as she travels the world in pursuit of great design and architecture on the new Design Junket blog.

There are so many interesting places in this world, it’s hard to narrow down where to go when you’re not a trust-fund baby. The “designjunket” system was developed to determine travel plans. Each junket starts out with at least one specific design-related element to investigate. It could be a painting, a building, an invention or inventor. You know, because “design is everywhere.” After I see what I sought, I check out the rest of the area. Any available pricing will be listed (current at the date of the post) and any money-saving insights will be shared because I’m a skinflint but can’t do hostels.

Come along for the ride, I hope it inspires you to embark on your own design junket and let me know your thoughts. Happy junketing!

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Vivitiv and The Seattle Design Festival

Vivitiv was asked to participate in the Seattle Design Festival Design Marks Project. Vivitiv, along with 24 other local design firms, designed 8-foot tall location markers with QR codes where viewers could experience how the design of Seattle’s urban landmarks has influenced the city’s culture, and how that culture has, in turn, influenced design.

Our video and installation was about The Seattle Art Museum and was titled “I Do Not Understand This Thing.” The aim of our project was to express the idea that the value of SAM lies not in the collection of paintings, film or sculpture housed within it’s walls, but in our relationship to it. More about the project here.