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Vivitiv Recycling Program

Vivitiv Recycle Graphic Design

We do a lot of work on the environmental front, recycling, water quality, storm water mitigation, reducing your carbon footprint…this week we are putting some of that into practice. We’ve been going through our sample closet and have been paring down our vast collection of printed samples, sketches, presentation boards, tear sheets and project files of all sorts, and we have filled up an entire recycling bin. We’re not even halfway finished with our sample purge. We have been lugging around work from the past 30 years, work for all sorts of clients and industries, from financial services firms to entertainment companies to public policy organizations. Some of our samples have outlived the enterprises themselves, if you wanted a brochure from E.F. Hutton, a film festival program or thumbnails of a World Trade Center poster you’re out of luck. We hope that all of this design work will recycled into something useful and informative. And we’ll keep on creating work both online and off, with an eye to sustainability and a little less hoarding.

Carbon Yeti Education Outreach Award from the EPA

We were reminded yesterday that our work with the City of Bellevue Utility Department on their campaign to reduce carbon emissions won an Education and Outreach award from the Environmental Protection Agency. We forgot to post about this a while back, but better late than never we always say.

Our Commitment to the Environment Goes Way Back

Looking through a box of Vivitiv partner Jacqueline McCarthy’s old 45 rpm singles over the weekend, we found something very cool (besides lot’s of Monkees, Bobby Sherman, and Clarence Carter records). Buried deep amongst these vinyl treasures were these pins from the New York State Energy Office, imploring young Jacki to “Conserve Energy!”. Jacki figures she got these at the Great New York State Fair sometime in the late 1970s, proving that she has a long and deep commitment to conservation issues, and that she is a hoarder.