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From Here to There. Innovation Showcase Logo

As in all identity projects we do hundreds if not thousands of sketches, make an equal amount of notes, discuss, refine and do it again. Here is an example of a new logo for the Innovation Showcase and one of those pages of loose sketch scribbles which gets you from a small germ of an idea down the path to something tangible, something bigger, something real. Just like what the Innovation showcase does, which is to nurture promising discoveries from startup phase to innovations that shape our world.

Update 10/26/2012

Just got this mention in an email blast from the Technology Alliance.

Innovation Showcase: new look, same great program

Over the summer we worked with our friends at Vivitiv to create a logo for our Innovation Showcase program. It has been a while since we considered it a pilot and thought the Showcase deserved its own brand – just in time for the new season!

Our next Showcase is Tuesday, October 30th, featuring Corengi, developer of a matching engine for patients and clinical trials; Precision Image Analysis, which assists physicians in interpreting diagnostic images; Relaborate, a new content creation platform for marketing; and SuperCritical Technologies, designer of compact, modular power plants (check out this recent GeekWire post). We will also get an update from past presenter Seattle Sensor Systems and enjoy a brief presentation from Patrick Shelby of UW C4C.”

New Book Cover Design: Century 21 City

We are delighted to announce a new book cover design for Fairweather Publishing. Century 21 City, by  Michael Luis is a unique take on the fifty year journey of Seattle from rain-soaked backwater to economic, technological and cultural powerhouse. We have been fortunate enough to collaborate with Mr. Luis on a variety of projects that span a small part of Puget Sound history, including his work with the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce, The Housing Partnership, The Economic Development Council and a history of Hunt’s Point, WA, so a hearty congratulations to him on the new book. Oh, is the book available on Amazon (just one of the economic game-changers outlined in the book) and Barnes & Noble you ask? Hell yes.

Think Global, Design Local: A Small Selection of Arts Logos

Over the years we’ve worked with some amazing WA based arts organizations. Here are a few logos we’ve done for the likes of the Seattle Symphony, Auburn Arts Commission, Seattle International Film Festival, the Seattle Opera, Seattle Repertory Theatre, Puget Soundscape, Seattle International Music Fest, Gorge Amphitheatre, Seattle radio stations, Washington Commission for the Humanities…Think Global, Design Local.

Goodbye Fax Machine

Goodbye Fax machine. You’ve been a great friend over the years. Remember that time when we waited for that signed contract to come through? Or when I sent that NSFW joke to the wrong number? Or how about the time when you kept jamming when a client was sending edits right up until deadline? Oh, the times we had! Good times. It’s been a good run, but you and I know it’s time to move on. Sure, I’m not going to get offers for free vacations to Mexico, or Reno, and I’m probably going to miss out on sweet deals to have my roof repaired or my gutters cleaned, but we should end it now. While we’re still friends. No! Don’t say that. It’s not you, it’s me. Goodbye old friend. End Transmission.



Our Antiquated Technology Exhibit at AIGA Seattle Anniversary Event

While Vivitiv was part of the Future of Design exhibit at the AIGA Seattle 25th Anniversary event, we also curated an Antiquated Technology Exhibit. The display consisted of useless storage technologies of the past including floppy disks, SyQuest cartridges, ZIP Disks and a fried hard drive. Considered at the time to be the pinnacle of digital storage technology, these outmoded devices contain untold design treasures that will never again see the light of day.

Vivitiv Brands the Seattle Brain Salon

Vivitiv, was proud to partner with I-LABS, the Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences at the University of Washington and the Allen Institute for Brain Science, to develop a brand identity for the inaugural Seattle Brain Salon. The Salon was a gathering of some of the world’s leading innovators and acclaimed researchers in the field of brain science. Pictured above is a presentation moderated by journalist and author, John Hockenberry. Vivitiv was tasked with creating a new brand mark, signage, communications and marketing materials for this prestigious event. Go here for videos, TED talks, and interviews with some of the illustrious panelists.

Logo For WRED, Washington Recycles Every Day.

We recently created a new brand mark for WRED, Washington Recycles Every Day, a program of WSRA, the Washington State Recycling Association. WSRA hosts three to four WRED events per year bringing professionals from all over Washington State together for discussion of recycling issues and behind the scenes tours of working facilities and technology demonstrations. Some previous WRED events included tours and informational talks at forward thinking companies such as Alchemy Goods, The Boeing Classic, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, NewWood Manufacturing, and Nucor Steel

As an extension of our work with WSRA, the new WRED logo closes the loop with some of the same bold, fresh and forward thinking elements.

Clayton Christensen for the Technology Alliance

This week Bloomberg BusinessWeek profiled Harvard Business School professor, innovation expert, and author of The Innovator’s Dilemma, Clayton Christensen. We were fortunate enough to work with the Technology Alliance for Mr. Christensen’s 2010 keynote appearance in Seattle for the TA Annual Luncheon. Here is an example of alternate event branding we did featuring Clayton and his theory of Disruptive Innovation.

Shop Big, Give Big Fundraising Days

May 1st and 2nd are big fundraising days for The Volunteer Park Conservatory. “May Day! May Day! on Fifteenth” makes it easy to donate while doing what you normally do—shopping, dining out, banking. These select merchants will donate a portion of their sales that day to the Restoration Fund at the Conservatory. See the list of generous shops here. Or look for the poster in shop windows, designed by Vivitiv.

Then, on May 2, the Seattle Foundation is holding their GiveBIG online charitable giving event. From their website:

Each donation made through The Seattle Foundation’s website to the any of the 1,300 profiled nonprofits between midnight and midnight (Pacific Time) on May 2, 2012 will receive a pro-rated portion of the matching funds (or “stretch”) pool. The amount of the “stretch” depends on the size of the stretch pool and how much is raised in total donations on GiveBIG day. For example, if a nonprofit organization receives 3 percent of the total donations during GiveBIG, then it will receive 3 percent of the stretch pool.

The Conservatory is participating this year, as are many other very worthy organizations. Even if flowers aren’t your thing, there is a nonprofit for everyone.

Totem Awards 2011

SmallerTotemAwardOn a frigid evening in February, an intrepid group of public relations and marketing professionals climbed the stairs to the Hard Rock Cafe‘s party space for the Puget Sound PSRA‘s annual Totem awards. The Totems celebrate the best public relations programs and practitioners in the area. This year’s theme was “Make Your Mark,” and we’re proud to report the City of Bellevue did just that. They brought home a Totem Award – congratulations!

Vivitiv worked with The City of Bellevue on their Watershed Outreach Campaign, a program encouraging residents to take actions and “pledge” to reduce water pollution. Actions included natural lawn care, using a commercial car wash and cleaning up after your dog.

Despite a weak keynote address, a fabulous time was had by all. A fun venue, great work and outstanding company makes for a fine awards banquet. See you next year!