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Old News Dept: A Two Newspaper Town

The Seattle Times has launched a controversial independent expenditure campaign promoting political causes drawing criticism from journalists and political scientists because it damages the credibility of the newspaper’s reporting and objectivity. Vivitiv saw this issue coming as far back as 2003 in our work with the Committee for a Two Newspaper Town, which at the time was working to keep The Seattle Post-Intelligencer alive. It worked for a while until the P-I ceased print publication and went to an all digital format in 2009. Here are a few of the ads we wrote and designed for the committee which spoke to the need for at least two newspapers in a community to keep each other honest and uphold their sacred trust to inform the public in an objective manner. Opinion and advocacy is fine…on the editorial page where it belongs.

Our Commitment to the Environment Goes Way Back

Looking through a box of Vivitiv partner Jacqueline McCarthy’s old 45 rpm singles over the weekend, we found something very cool (besides lot’s of Monkees, Bobby Sherman, and Clarence Carter records). Buried deep amongst these vinyl treasures were these pins from the New York State Energy Office, imploring young Jacki to “Conserve Energy!”. Jacki figures she got these at the Great New York State Fair sometime in the late 1970s, proving that she has a long and deep commitment to conservation issues, and that she is a hoarder.

Logo For WRED, Washington Recycles Every Day.

We recently created a new brand mark for WRED, Washington Recycles Every Day, a program of WSRA, the Washington State Recycling Association. WSRA hosts three to four WRED events per year bringing professionals from all over Washington State together for discussion of recycling issues and behind the scenes tours of working facilities and technology demonstrations. Some previous WRED events included tours and informational talks at forward thinking companies such as Alchemy Goods, The Boeing Classic, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, NewWood Manufacturing, and Nucor Steel

As an extension of our work with WSRA, the new WRED logo closes the loop with some of the same bold, fresh and forward thinking elements.

Washington State Recycling Association Branding Refresh

WSRA, the Washington State Recycling Association commissioned Vivitiv to refresh their brand image. In keeping with WSRA’s mission to provide leadership and education that fosters the expansion, diversity and economic vitality of recycling, rather than develop a new direction it was decided that we would freshen up, simplify, and bring their existing mark into the 21st century. And of course 21st century means an updated website, and products like water bottles, t-shirts, and tote bags from Cafe Press.

Recycle / Foodcycle / Landfill Signage

We recently designed, wrote, and illustrated a series of signs for the City of Bellevue School recycling, composting and trash educational program. The 5 ft. sign and banner system is used in school cafeterias to educate and remind the student population on what goes where. And don’t forget our All-Seeing Eye character is watching you too.

Hand Drawn Bacteria type(s)

We recently created a series of educational materials on the proper handling and disposal of Dog Poop! I know—this is an awesome job, right? Anyway, here are several hand-drawn type treatments of various and sundry bacteria that can be found in dog waste. So please remember to wash your hands after reading.

Totem Awards 2011

SmallerTotemAwardOn a frigid evening in February, an intrepid group of public relations and marketing professionals climbed the stairs to the Hard Rock Cafe‘s party space for the Puget Sound PSRA‘s annual Totem awards. The Totems celebrate the best public relations programs and practitioners in the area. This year’s theme was “Make Your Mark,” and we’re proud to report the City of Bellevue did just that. They brought home a Totem Award – congratulations!

Vivitiv worked with The City of Bellevue on their Watershed Outreach Campaign, a program encouraging residents to take actions and “pledge” to reduce water pollution. Actions included natural lawn care, using a commercial car wash and cleaning up after your dog.

Despite a weak keynote address, a fabulous time was had by all. A fun venue, great work and outstanding company makes for a fine awards banquet. See you next year!